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I’ve been a fan of Gillian Grassie’s music since her 2007 release “Serpentine”, so it was a great thrill to have her come in for a session.  Gillian began her music career in Philadelphia but more recently has begun to split her time between here and Berlin.  We were fortunate enough to catch her during one of her stints back home.

Gillian has toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe and has released two full length albums.  Although very capable as a solo harpist and singer, Gillian’s recorded work frequently involves more extensive arrangement and instrumentation.  The first time I ever heard Gillian’s music, I was unaware that she was even a harpist.

Gillian performed two originals for her session.  The first, “Sweet Manhattan”, is an upbeat number with half of the lyrics in French; so I can’t tell you what it’s about, but I can tell you that it’s great.  The second, “Sadness”, is a more somber, lyrically-driven song exploring the nature of…well, sadness.  Both phenomenal.

For more info on Gillian, head to her website

Gillian performing her second original “Sadness”